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Wednesday 27 March 2019

HiKOKI Multi Volt Tools

Introducing Multi Volt By HiKOKI


1,080W (BSL36A18) & 1,440W (BSL36B18) High Power Output

The MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion batteries, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offer unprecedented cordless power over 1,000W.

Compact & Lightweight (BSL36A18)

  • The BSL36A18 MULTI VOLT battery has almost the same size and weight of a 18V battery (BSL1850/1860), and produces the power of a 36V.
    Image of Compact & Lightweight

Automatic Voltage Change between 36V and 18V

  • The MULTI VOLT batteries are designed to compatible with the current 18V slide range, and automatically change between 2 voltages, 36V 2.5Ah (BSL36A18) / 4.0Ah (BSL36B18) and 18V 5.0Ah (BSL36A18) / 8.0Ah (BSL36B18), according to the tool used.
  1. Not compatible with the following existing batteries: BSL3620/3625/3626/3660, BSL18xx and BSL14xx series.
  2. Not compatible with the existing 36V products that are compatible with BSL3620/3625/3626/3660.
  3. See the list below for incompatible models.

Remaining Battery Indicator

  • Displays the charging state in four stages.

What do we know about HiKOKI Power Tools?

Hitachi Koki Announces Brand Name Change to “HiKOKI”  
‐The re‐branding reflects the Company’s commitment to further expansion as a global brand‐

Who Are They?

The brand formerly Hitachi announced today that the company will change its corporate name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., effective June 1, 2018, and will rebrand its full line of power tools known as HITACHI and/or Hitachi Koki under the new HiKOKI (pronounced “hai‐koh‐key”) name, effective October 1, 2018.

Why Would Hitachi Undergo A Rebrand?

The HiKOKI brand was created to embody the three core competencies of the company, including its innovative technologies that give rise to products with superior performance, the reliability of its products and services backed by a 70‐year company history, and the potential for new business growth represented through the new partnership with KKR.

Are There Any New Power Tools Under The HiKOKI Brand?

Yes, HiKOKI have introduced the MULTI VOLT 36v tool range, more information about MULTI VOLT power tools can be found here.

Are HiKOKI Branded Tools The Same As Hitachi Versions?

Some tools are the same with a badge change but look out for new exciting tools being released, as the huge investment by Koki Holdings start to become more well known.

The full range of HiKOKI tools can be seen on our website here, but don't forget to let us know your thoughts on the brand change and your experience with the new tools.

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Friday 11 July 2014

Featured Brand Of The Day - @HitachiToolsUK

Hitachi Power Tools have been at the forefront of product development for many years, striving for continual innovation and cutting edge design. This has resulted in the company receiving awards for product design from many organisations, including the iF Design Award, Industrial Design Excellence Award and the Good Design Award.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Power Tool Of The Day - Hitachi G12SS Angle Grinder

Hitachi G12SS

  • Powerful 5 Amp motor with Max output of 630 WattsNo-Load speed of 11,000 RPM
  • Spindle lock, provides easy and quick disc changes
  • External brush caps allowing for quick in-field service of brushes
  • Ball bearing construction for smooth operation and long life
  • Tool rest, conveniently located to protect the switch from accidentally turning on and prolonging tool life
  • Slide switch, easy to use with a quick-off feature to shut the tool off immediately for added safety
  • Removable side handle, improves control and comfort
  • Photo shown with an optional grinding wheel
  • Excellent overload durability
  • Compact length 254mm and lightweight 1.4kg so is excellent for overhead applications

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Thursday 1 May 2014


The Hitachi DH36DAL is a lightweight Cordless 36 Volt SDS -Plus hammer drill with Save Power Mode and three action modes, hammer drilling, rotary drilling and light chiselling. It has variable speed, reverse and has an electronic brake.

Electro-pneumatic action for high performance drilling
Fastest drilling speed in its class
Light weight Li-Ion batteries
Three mode action includes hammer only for light chipping
Powerful motor
Compact & lightweight design
Variable speed & reverse
'Save power' mode minimises damage when using small drill bits
Electric brake
Replaceable carbon brushes for longer motor life

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